Blog #5 The Ron James Show

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The Ron James the Big Picture was shot in a casino in Niagara Falls. The CMF awarded the show 500,000 dollars. It also helped defray the cost of its production, by selling tickets to the live show. Its target audience is , “older liberals,” as is made apparent by the many, very mild jokes made about Stephen Harper. The show aired over a year ago and was a one off. It didn’t need to lay down any serious advertising and instead capitalized on the popularity of Ron James, and his then recently cancelled show, also titled “The Ron James Show.”

The Big Picture audience is comprised of people who are tech savvy, but don’t rely on social media to facilitate their social lives. The media strategy relied on newspaper advertisements, word of mouth and a few subway posters. That being said the entire production can be watched online at CBC website. There is no pay wall and it is one of the few productions that the CBC has put online. At approximately ten-minute intervals, an advertisement is played.

The show represents a unique portion of viewers who most likely will not be lured on to social media platforms. I think it’s important to acknowledge this audience. Their will always be people who will not engage with advertising in the conventional method, which is what a lot of engagement over digital media is. The Ron James show found other methods of reaching out to this group of people, a lot of those methods will have to be adapted to internet usage.







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