Blog #3 The Vikings


Vikings is an Irish-Canadian Drama that airs on History an affiliate of Shaw Media. Its age group is people in there twenties and up skewing male. The show expects its viewers to be aware of Internet content, and caters to them accordingly. It has a large amount of interactive content available on, as well as twitter, and Facebook page. The actors also frequently interact with people on Facebook. It has a large community of extremely engaged fans, who often live tweet entire shows.

The Vikings revolves around community based viewing. People seem to watch because their friends are watching it, and it has the benefit of becoming a conversation piece. It has a “what will they do next?” that wouldn’t apply too more serialized shows like Law and Order, or even How to Get Away with Murder. The show doesn’t veer in to totally unpredictable left turns, but instead sets up a series of options for each character. The viewers can assess these options, and then debate over what’s more likely.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 12.20.22 PM.png

Fans of the show seem pleased by their ability to interact with the show. They come back every week, and I cannot find any separate communities where people go to talk about the show. People who talk about the show confine themselves to spaces that have been set up by the network.

The Vikings is a perfect example of how to execute an effective trans-media campaign. They understand their audience, and they communicate with them effectively. They have also used this network engagement as a springboard for creating new content. The History website has various interviews with experts about real life Vikings, and their artifacts. These videos expand the knowledge of the viewer, and give them context for the show.







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